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The easiest way to shop for hybrid mattresses used to be to go into a mattress dealer’s store. You would check out the mattress options and try out several before deciding. Although an assortment of mattress options are available online today that go beyond those innerspring mattresses of the past, brick-and-mortar mattress shops still exist.

In addition to the wide array of mattress materials available today, you will also find hybrid mattresses made from multiple types of materials. The following is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid mattresses, including how you can choose one that’s best for you.

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How Does A Hybrid Mattress Work?

The term “hybrid mattress” refers to a mattress that is made up of more than one material. “Hybrid” generally refers to a technique that uses a variety of support methods. In hybrid mattresses, foam or latex comfort layers are layered over innerspring or pocketed coils.

Below Is an Inside View of A Hybrid Mattress:

  • Base Layer. This base layer is typically composed of foam, wool, or latex, providing cushioning and a stable foundation for the mattress’ top layers.
  • Support Layer. A typical mattress height is 6 to 8 inches, and this layer is typically comprised of coils, springs, or individual pocket coils.
  • Comfort Layer. This layer is typically made of cushioning materials like latex, foam, or gel. Mattress firmness is determined by the firmness of these materials.
  • Pillow Top. Many hybrids include a pillow top for cushioning, but not all.

Hybrid mattresses vary in firmness depending on the materials they are made of and their density. However, hybrid mattresses may feel a little firmer but have a softer feel than all-foam mattresses, because they usually incorporate a coil support layer.

Benefits of Hybrid Mattresses

You may be wondering whether hybrid mattresses are any good now that you know what they are. Modern consumers are extremely fond of hybrid mattresses. Almost 20 percent of respondents in a February 2019 survey by Furniture Today preferred hybrid mattresses to innersprings.

Why are hybrid mattresses so popular? Among its benefits are:

  • A low rate of motion transfer. A majority of hybrid mattresses utilize foam which is highly-effective at isolating movement. As a result, pocketed coil mattresses generally absorb motion better than innerspring mattresses. For couples who are light sleepers, this will be great news.
  • Support and comfort. Combined with excellent support and comfort, hybrid mattresses are a great choice. A mattress’ firmness and support primarily come from coils, while its comfort layers are made up of memory foam that conforms to the body’s contours.
  • Cooling properties. People who tend to sleep hot typically have trouble sleeping on memory foam mattresses. A hybrid mattress allows the user to breathe better and dissipate heat more efficiently by combining different types of foam and a coil base.
  • Easy maintenance. Mattresses made with hybrid materials typically require little maintenance. Unlike traditional spring mattresses, pocketed coil mattresses require little or no flipping or turning to prevent them from wearing down, and the foam layers of pocketed coil mattresses provide comfort without sagging.

The perfect hybrid mattress isn’t available for everyone. Hybrid mattresses have some downsides, such as being very expensive and pretty heavy. It’s good to know that hybrid mattresses don’t require a box spring to be used as long as they are placed on flat surfaces. In addition, hybrid mattresses tend to be pretty sturdy because of their construction.

A Guide to Choosing A Hybrid Mattress

It is best not to rush your mattress shopping. It takes several years for a new mattress to pay for itself, and it’s a major investment. Since you can find hybrid mattresses that are both comfortable and supportive, it’s important to shop around to find the right fit.

To Help You Choose a Hybrid Mattress, Here Are a Few Tips:

  • You may want to compare online and in-store shopping. It is important to inspect hybrid mattresses in person before making a final decision, but the web will almost certainly offer you the best deals and the most variety.
  • Consider your favorite sleeping position. In addition to comfort, the firmness level of a hybrid mattress is determined by the position in which you prefer to sleep.
  • You should consider continuous coils as opposed to pocketed coils. The benefits of pocketed coils may outweigh the durability of continuous coils. They are both very supportive.
  • See if there is a warranty and a trial offered by the company. You’re more likely to choose an online retailer that offers a free in-home trial. A 30-day or 18-month contract is all that is needed. Don’t forget to check the warranty as well. Give yourself enough time to really feel the mattress.
  • You should decide whether you require a box spring. The majority of hybrid mattresses use coils rather than a box spring. With this in mind, you will need to ensure you have a foundation with slats or other flat surfaces since the mattress will only be supported by a platform bed.
  • When comparing prices, be smart. The price of a hybrid mattress will be higher than one made exclusively from foam or springs, but this doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. The best time to shop online is around holidays.

When you are looking for a hybrid mattress, stay away from semi-hybrid and foam hybrid mattresses. An all-foam hybrid mattress includes multiple types and densities of foam on the top cover of a coil-base mattress. However, you may find that one of these options suits you better than the other, especially if you’re looking for comfort and support.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hybrid Mattresses

What Is the Price of A Hybrid Mattress?

The cost of a mattress made from more than one kind of material, such as foam or springs, tends to be higher. A good-quality hybrid queen-size mattress usually costs between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on its construction and quality.

How High Do Hybrid Mattresses Measure?

There are a number of other factors affecting the height of hybrid mattresses, besides the coil base thickness and the number of comfort layers in the mattress. There are about 11 to 14 inches of height in most hybrid mattresses.

Do Hybrid Mattresses Require a Foundation?

The foundation of a hybrid mattress should be flat, supportive, although it doesn’t usually require box springs. Hybrid beds work well with platform beds, adjustable beds, or slatted frames.